“With great power comes great responsibility”  Spiderman  (2002)


Fall Line has the talent and experience to self-distribute films through a sales team with more than 30 years selling to close to 100 exhibition companies located in North America.  Fall Line Entertainment’s sales team will oversee planning of the theatrical distribution and all avenues of ancillary rights (VOD, SVOD, TV, Cable, DVD, etc). Through our team’s extensive experience within the industry, understanding of the windows addressing available channels, you can be confident of your film’s place within the market.

New studios and/or filmmakers have challenges finding a path to market. Distribution is a very difficult side of the film industry and takes those who have been part of the sales side of the business to navigate. Fortunately, Fall Line has compiled the best in sales and film buying to ensure our pipeline is in line for theatrical sales as well as other channels.

We can target appropriate theatre locations based on historical data on comparable titles. The Sales team will synchronize with Marketing to ensure P&A is optimized.